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To bring out the innate talents of a child and develop their talents, Dashpur Vidyalaya has a host of clubs. These clubs cater to varied interests like public speaking and debating, writing, event management, editing and journalism, photo journalism and scientific skills.


The world of Dashpur Vidyalaya is closely connected with the world of science and technology. Students experiment, learn, question, conclude on various phenomenon of the scientific world. The world of new age inventions and innovations is opened up in front of the impressionable young minds by our capable faculty.


The IT Club keeps the students abreast and acquainted with the latest technological advances. Girls explore the world of animation, the wonders of communication and the horizons beyond, thus updating and equipping them with the needful tools of IT.


The mysterious world of numbers gets a new and interesting dimension as the students are introduced to Vedic mathematics, theorems and easy calculation techniques. Math as a subject thus gets a makeover at Dashpur Vidyalaya as students indulge in solving and playing around in the world of numbers.


The entrepreneurs of the 21st century gear up to take charge of the future boardrooms as the Dashpur Vidyalaya’s Business Consortium provides them the perfect ground for going into depth into the issues of the Business world.


This club helps the children to hone and develop the art of public speaking by taking part in numerous inter-school debating competitions at local and national levels. The club also organises and conducts debates, elocution and declamation contests. The students constitute the office bearers who train and organise the other members of the club. They have been successful in winning trophies and prizes only to prove that they not only have a mind of their own but also know how it express it well.


The students´ wing of the Rotary International works towards social causes and spreads awareness amongst the student community about burning issues in the social scenario. The members of the Club take up projects that can create a difference in their own small way.


This club motivates the Students to experience the thrill of maneuvering the ball and provides a chance to prove their dribbling prowess on the field. The club trains and creates opportunities for participation at the inter school, State level and national level.